2014 Week 3

Week 3, day 1 – I wanted to practise some low light photography for the themed weekly challenge I am trying to keep up with, so I used my ipad to shine some light on my eldest as I had wanted for a long time to picture him with his night shades on. He was actually awake here, but helped me out by pretending to snooze!  Day1-1

Week 3, day 2 – In preparation for Alexei’s birthday at the end of the week, I wrapped some presents up. His granny had given me money towards a present that he really wanted and that my husband had banned me from buying. He obviously doesn’t realise there are always ways around his decisions! Granny had drawn a personalised tag for the present – of the pillow pet that lives at her house for Alexei when he comes to visit.Day2-16

Week 3, day 3 – Meanwhile, we had finally finished building the lego train that Felix received for Christmas. I don’t think the dog was best pleased about it but surely this move to sabotage it was a bit drastic! (No dogs were harmed in the making of this picture)Day3_2014Week3-77-Edit

Week 3, day 4 – More low light practising, this time having downloaded an ipad app that gives off diffused light. I think it worked really well, but unfortunately, it woke Willow up and she was not quite with it, but I liked the results.Day4Week32014Week3-120-Edit

WillowHighISOPTM Storyboard 3 Up

Week 3, day 5 – We had Alexei’s birthday party today to celebrate his 6th birthday. Here is the thank you card we made up for those who came.
Day5AlexeiThankU Alexeis6thBirthdayParty-60-Editsmall Week 3, day 6 – After school drop off it was still really frosty and beautiful and I managed to quickly sneak out with my camera whilst my husband minded the two youngest. I had ten minutes and was trudging up the hill when a friend rode past and after seeing my camera, said that I was welcome to go into her (considerable and very beautiful) garden. I was so pleased I bumped into her this morning! I was shooting into the sun and am really pleased with this result. It was hand held, but I think the fact that there is nothing in the immediate foreground means it was ok.


Week 3, day 7 – Finally, the day of the birthday and my little prince turned 6. He may be 6, but you’re never too old for a George Pig biscuit as a treat.Day7week3Aexei6-12-Edit Here are the other photos from his birthday – cake ……week3Aexei6-9-Edit

…..and new toy! week3Aexei6-4-Editnot to mention the new scooter.week3Alexei6birthday-7-Edit
The cheeky chappie himself2014Week3-95-Edit

and now his cheeky sister who stole my spirulina/lychee juice drink and seemed to like it! And the moustache.2014Week3-93-EditBarnaby is still practising his violin well2014Week3-107-Edit and looking after his little sister2014Week3-91-Edit

who is a bit of a monkey.2014Week3-11 copyWillowClimbingPTM Storyboard 3 Up

And in case you were worried about the train – it works perfectly well and the dog survived with no noticeable injuries.2014Week3-26-Edit

4 thoughts on “2014 Week 3

  1. love the moustache pic but my favourite has to be the pinata one. Just makes me smile every time. Looks like your camera is getting well used especially the macro lens 🙂 These will be so great to look back on

    • Thanks Inga and yes I recommend the ipad app. cheap but great accessory.
      I was very happy with day 6’s picture, as I don’t really get out to do landscapes any more, and very rarely with this sort of light. Thanks

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