2015 Week 13 Day 2 – 27th March

2015 Week 13 Day 2 – The last day of school before the Easter holidays and the boys were allowed to wear their own clothes, and Barnaby was allowed to take sweeties in to the class to celebrate his birthday. It took us such a long time to get out of the front door this […]

2014 Week 27 Day 2

2014 Week 27 Day 2 – Today was the big day that we had been waiting for……. our little girl turned 2. The boys were so excited and so, of course, was Willow who found her big day highly enjoyable. We started off with presents, their opening helped by big brothers, before she went off to celebrate […]

2014 Week 3

Week 3, day 1 – I wanted to practise some low light photography for the themed weekly challenge I am trying to keep up with, so I used my ipad to shine some light on my eldest as I had wanted for a long time to picture him with his night shades on. He was […]