2015 Week 13 Day 2 – 27th March

2015 Week 13 Day 2 – The last day of school before the Easter holidays and the boys were allowed to wear their own clothes, and Barnaby was allowed to take sweeties in to the class to celebrate his birthday. It took us such a long time to get out of the front door this morning, that all his smiles had gone by the time the four were together!!


Anyway, on to the cake. This is what it looked like when I took it out of the oven….2015week13-88

and this a few hours later after it had been decorated! Can you tell what it is yet??? Plus a cheeky gin and tonic cake for the grown ups.2015week13-153

And, just because I drove that way today, a view of the house I used to document as it was being built! I am looking forward to getting some more spring time landscape and outdoors shots in soon. 2015week13-107

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