2013 Week 31

Still on  our camping holiday, we had lots of fun around the campsite


Camping2013France-58 Camping2013France-64


and spending time with family who were still around after the wedding.
Barnaby took this one of Auntie Karin

The two brothers – mirror image?


We raided a knights shop …. and were asked to leave. Poor Felix – he was in heaven!
Camping2013France-66 Camping2013France-68 Camping2013France-74

Willow loves the water, and when we went for a dip in the lake, she couldn’t wait to get in, clothes and all.

Camping2013France-90 Camping2013France-96

Until Barnaby enticed her in with some sand action

Meanwhile, back at the campsite Willow was having fun exploring and climbing and chilling





Each time I worry that she isn’t eating enough I just look at her chubby thighs and reassure myself she is fine, and with all her strenuous activity nowadays she may well on day live up to her name!


The water park in our campsite was a real hit with everyone, as was the killer whale!

Camping2013France-38 Camping2013France-39 Camping2013France-58-2 Camping2013France-62 Camping2013France-76 Camping2013France-86 Camping2013France-97 Camping2013France-102Camping2013France-103 Camping2013France-110

Camping2013France-112 Camping2013France-113 Camping2013France-114 Camping2013France-115 Camping2013France-116 Camping2013France-117

At the campsite, we had a lake surrounded by forest and enjoyed some nice walks. I love watching Alexei – he is in his own world most of the time!

Camping2013FranceSite Camping2013FranceSite-7 Camping2013FranceSite-10 Camping2013FranceSite-24 Camping2013FranceSite-25 Camping2013FranceSite-39 Camping2013FranceSite-49 Camping2013FranceSite-57


The boys each got penknives and so they set about doing boy things with sticks, whilst Willow and I chilled

Camping2013FranceSite-72 Camping2013FranceSite-100

Camping2013FranceSite-137 Camping2013FranceSite-140 Camping2013FranceSite-148 Camping2013FranceSite-157

We then settled ourselves to wait for Barnaby to attempt the three line zip wire across the lake. No mean feat considering that we had to wait an hour for a 16 year old girl to complete it, only for her to eventually bail out. Barnaby’s nerves held up well during that wait, and he really went for it, and didn’t even mind getting stuck dangling in the middle of one, being too light and not heavy enough to quite reach the end and grab the instructors hand, so he had to come out and pull B in!

Camping2013FranceSite-211 Camping2013FranceSite-234 Camping2013FranceSite-240 Camping2013FranceSite-251 Camping2013FranceSite-252 Camping2013FranceSite-256 Camping2013FranceSite-257 Camping2013FranceSite-260 Camping2013FranceSite-271 Camping2013FranceSite-286 Camping2013FranceSite-287 Camping2013FranceSite-294 Camping2013FranceSite-295 Camping2013FranceSite-305 Camping2013FranceSite-307 Camping2013FranceSite-327 Camping2013FranceSite-333 Camping2013FranceSite-344 Camping2013FranceSite-345 Camping2013FranceSite-346 Camping2013FranceSite-352 Camping2013FranceSite-366 Camping2013FranceSite-376 Camping2013FranceSite-392 Camping2013FranceSite-400 Camping2013FranceSite-406 Camping2013FranceSite-410

After 6 nights camping, our time in France had come to an end, and the next day I thought I would be able to wash and unpack whilst the children would relax and reacquaint themselves with their toys etc. I didn’t anticipate how energetic they would be still at home after a long journey and many late nights catching up with them, but they were full of beans and we had to make bath bombs and fairy cakes – x3 as each boy had to make his own batch, ready to take to a party.


AlexPhotoHouse2013Aug-4 AlexPhotoHouse2013Aug-12

Of course, a little taste test first

AlexPhotoHouse2013Aug-16 AlexPhotoHouse2013Aug-18 AlexPhotoHouse2013Aug-19

2 thoughts on “2013 Week 31

  1. so many photos! Wonderful!! My absolute favourite is the one of Willow disappearng into the car with only her legs visible. I love it! Closely followed by the pool and woods shots. Am determined to be brave and tke my SLR to the lake beach this summer (am always a bit nervous as there is sand..and water..!)

    Looks like you had a great time – and some wonderful photos to remind you of it all. And well done Barnaby I am a real wuss about heights so I couldn’t do those zip wires. So am in awe of his bravery 😉

    • B is very brave with these things. A less so. NOt sure about the others yet, but we’ll soon find out. We do know that Willow likes climbing now though don’t we. That van shot does make me laugh!
      Good luck with your holiday pictures and SLR handling!

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