2013 Week 30

During this week we celebrated our wedding anniversary, saw the end of school and went on holiday, starting with a wedding! What a great start to a holiday. We took the euro tunnel over to France  – the kids always enjoy this crossing and Willow had some fun as well!

After a loooooooong journey down to the Loire valley (road deviation urgh), we found our gite and finally got some rest. The next day we had a pre-wedding party in the afternoon and so I started the kids off with some work. Good intentions and all that – let’s see how long this lasts! The nail varnish on the little boys is because they have never seen it and when they saw me painting my nails, they wanted to try it out too!
AniaBeldonWeddoinAniaBeldonWedding2013-3 AniaBeldonWeddoinAniaBeldonWedding2013-2AniaBeldonWeddoinAniaBeldonWedding2013-2-2 AniaBeldonWeddoinAniaBeldonWedding2013-4

And then off to the party we went

AniaBeldonWeddoinAniaBeldonWedding2013grounds-3 AniaBeldonWeddoinAniaBeldonWedding2013grounds-5

And Willow found she had a taste for beer!
 AniaBeldonWeddoinAniaBeldonWedding2013-11 AniaBeldonWeddoinAniaBeldonWedding2013-13

The following day, we went to the marriage of Ania and Beldon. What a fantastic wedding.
AniaBeldonWeddoinAniaBeldonWedding2013-24 AniaBeldonWeddoinAniaBeldonWedding2013-50

AniaBeldonWeddoinAniaBeldonWedding2013-64 AniaBeldonWeddoinAniaBeldonWedding2013-71






AniaBeldonWeddoinAniaBeldonWedding2013-256 AniaBeldonWeddoinAniaBeldonWedding2013-240 AniaBeldonWeddoinAniaBeldonWedding2013-231

AniaBeldonWeddoinAniaBeldonWedding2013-284 AniaBeldonWeddoinAniaBeldonWedding2013-280AniaBeldonWeddoinAniaBeldonWedding2013-283

After a post wedding brunch, and a final night in our gite, we then headed a bit further south to start our camping trip.

Camping2013FranceWillow was excited, but couldn’t wait for the tent to be put up before she stated to hunt for some food.

Camping2013France-4 Camping2013France-3

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