2013 Week 29

Apologies for not posting for a while, but this week was the end of term for the children and so very very busy for me with the school play, friends to tea and a photography lesson to give! (and since then a holiday….)

The year 1 and 2 school play was a great success and much to our delight, not to mention Barnaby’s, he was chosen for one of the main roles, that of a sleepy train driver! He thinks he is quite shy sometimes, but loves performing and the teachers are slowly realising this and giving him a chance. He smashed it and I was so proud watching him and the lovely comments from parents and teachers afterwards just added to that maternal pride. Even Felix and Willow sat still for the show it was so good.

barnabySchoolPlay2013-2 barnabySchoolPlay2013-10 barnabySchoolPlay2013-7 2013week29-10

Having finished my photography course, with all the assignments and projects handed in to be marked, and summer holidays just round the corner, you’d think I would take these few days to relax or prepare, but no, my new found hobby of making nice things from garden produce had me hooked. Especially as the bath bombs were made as a team effort with Alexei and Felix, to give as end of term presents to their teachers.

2013week29-10-2My garden is still looking good and growing well, with the bees liking the lavender.


Unfortunately, the wasps are out in force too, and poor Felix got on the wrong side of one, and his hand blew up like a balloon.

WIllow’s rapid development now sees her on all fours racing around.

Normally towards the dog.


All that moving around gives her an appetite, and her eating habits surely are building up her immune system?

2013week29 2013week29-9

And finally is rewarded with a loving cuddle from big brother.2013week29-2

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