2013 Week 28

We are continuing to have stunning weather (finally as last summer and this spring were a total disaster), with temperatures in the high 20’s even 30’s . All this is good for my veggies, when I remember to water, and for the first time ever I have managed to grow cucumbers. So the boys eat them whole off the plant. They are delighted!


Felix enjoyed his nursery sports day. Well, I think he did, he at first was more interested in licking his new hat! And drinking. But finally, he got going.

FelixSportsDay2013-31 FelixSportsDay2013-42 FelixSportsDay2013-60

FelixSportsDay2013-126 FelixSportsDay2013-23   FelixSportsDay2013-170

When she could, Willow got in on the cap and drink action.

FelixSportsDay2013-137 FelixSportsDay2013-191 FelixSportsDay2013-197

This is the end of nursery for our youngest son, and so he was presented with a book his brothers have also received before him. At least Felix is attempting to look interested in it!


And then on to supper with hubby on a glorious summer evening. Who can boast a walk through fields to get to a chic riverside restaurant? And the cheeky drink with friends after was much fun.

FelixSportsDay2013-283 FelixSportsDay2013-284 FelixSportsDay2013-286 FelixSportsDay2013-289

The week ended with me running a 5k race for Cancer Research. I toyed with the idea of taking my camera, but was so glad that I didn’t!  Running in the city heat on the hottest day of the year so far was hard enough without a DSLR swinging about! So you’ll just have to take my word for it that I ran!

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