2013 Week 32

Back from holiday and time for a bit of play – for the kids and myself with an iphone app. Not sure about the yellow tone, but better than nothing when I have not got my DSLR with me.  A whole week of play has been lovely, though I am not sure how long before boredom sets in.

2013-08-07 11.18.38 2013-08-07 11.18.54 2013-08-07 11.17.302013-08-10 23.06.05  2013-08-10 16.29.22  2013-08-10 16.49.262013-08-10 16.49.362013-08-10 16.49.50

Pirates in Goring!

2013-08-10 16.54.19 2013-08-10 16.53.50 2013-08-10 16.57.21 2013-08-10 17.07.46 2013-08-10 17.07.50

When Alexei had a friend over, all the boys decided to put on a show. But first, they drew a poster to advertise,

12thAugust2013-2 12thAugust2013-3 12thAugust2013-4

before putting on their performance. As ever, we did not really know what was going on, but they had fun.

12thAugust2013-22 12thAugust2013-1212thAugust2013-15 12thAugust2013-1612thAugust2013-24

Then for a play in the garden where they spotted a beetle

12thAugust2013-38 12thAugust2013-27

12thAugust2013-31 12thAugust2013-34

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