2014 Week 24 Day 4

2014 Week 24 Day 4 – Today it was the turn for Barnaby, Willow and myself to go away and we drove over to Wales and to a hotel with a swimming pool, for a surprise mini break for the 8 year old boy! Who says money can’t buy happiness? It did with him! We had a bite to eat and with no arguing over food – you eat the sandwich, you get the cookie, simple (and he did without moaning, well not much anyway).Hotel Then we explored the hotel as well as the room  – lots of bouncing on the bed!!Hotel2 When we were eating lunch and I took pictures with my phone, a waitress kindly asked if I wanted her to take a picture with us all in it. I said no as a knee jerk reaction, and so she went away. Barnaby asked why I had said ‘no’, and I replied “I don’t know!!” I instantly regretted saying no and we kept looking out for her again to take our picture, but she didn’t come back our way. So once in the room, we resolved to rectify it with a selfie or two.Hotel3Then we went to the pool. Two and a half hours later, Barnaby finally agreed we had been in there long enough!! It was a weekend aimed to please him, so I am happy to have stayed for that length of time. After a supper that was lovely in terms of company, but not so much the food (and Barnaby exclaimed that my macaroni cheese is so much nicer), we retired to our room and settled down to watch the football. Well, England were playing, so it was obligatory. We tried to put Willow in her cot, but she was having none of it. Even when Barnaby got in with her, she knew it was a cunning plan and was not fooled for a second that he would not stay. So finally, we gave in and my bed was taken over! We stayed awake for the first half, but fell asleep during the second – don’t think we missed much really! Hotel4

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