2014 Week 22 Day 4

2014 Week 22 Day 4 – I have got over a week behind with posts again, oops, but it is because I am trying to edit the baby shoot still. AND I am slow! Very slow. On this day, Granny and Grandpa came over for a play and supper. It was lovely to see them here for a relaxed afternoon and the children were delighted to see them, as usual. 2014week22-24 2014week22-26 2014week22-29 2014week22-38 2014week22-35 2014week22-17 2014week22-13 2014week22-12 Alexei wanted me to take a picture of his first missing tooth mouth! He still has a beautiful smile.2014week22Day4-19

2 thoughts on “2014 Week 22 Day 4

  1. well done getting phtoos with the grandparents – i am particularly bad at that as I get far more self conscious and so do they! The ones of your Dad and Willow are particularly precious 🙂

  2. Yes they seem happy for me to have my camera out – but I never quite get the settings right when Granny is in the frame. My dad tends to take lots of photos with his phone too, so lucky the kids don’t really mind either!

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