Week 39 Day 4 – 27th September

Week 39 Day 4 – The girl and I still had a morning to ourselves whilst the boys were camping and we made the most of our time alone.

My eldest saw the black and white photo below (just now) and asked why I would have such a dark picture, so I showed him the colour version. He said it was much better, but when I put them side by side, he then couldn’t decide! It’s quite nice seeing him now appreciate a black and white photo. And I am happy with a proper watermark now, having just had one designed for me!


However, I can’t decide myself if I prefer the colour or black and white edits!  Willow27Sep-116-Edit copy

Willow27Sep-103-Edit copyWillow27Sep-81-EditWillow27Sep-83-EditWillow27Sep-82-Edit

Before our walk, we had enjoyed some   quality time at home.Willow27Sep-5 Willow27Sep-26-Edit copy Willow27Sep-43-Edit copy

And then when the boys finally arrived home, they were in no rush to come inside as they were busy reading The Beano!Willow27Sep-58

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