This week seems to have been preoccupied with my husband’s poorly leg (well it’s on his mind a lot anyway), and Alexei’s 5th birthday party; three celebrations spanning three days.  It kicked off with a meal out a TGI Friday’s where the food is a bit ropey, but the staff are great fun and made a big fuss of the birthday boy.
Alexei5thbday-14 Alexei5thbday-6
Then, a party. For this I had a request for a Spot the Dog birthday cake, the same as we see in our cake book…. I had to point out that my Spot and presents may not be to quite the same high standard (even though I did forfeit a night out to stay in and create), but Alexei nevertheless seemed pleased with the result. Last year he had a Peppa Pig cake, this year Spot and for next year he has requested Maisie!! What about the dragons and dinosaurs and trucks that little boys are supposed to want?
small (1 of 1) Alexei5thbdayParty-7
Anyway, the party was a great success. Even with his bad leg, daddy was a great entertainer for the children, and the bouncy castle is always a winner. However, Barnaby was the real star of the day when he put on a show for the younger ones. They loved it and him, as did his adoring little brother. I think we have a born entertainer on our hands!

After all that excitement, Alexei’s actual birthday, the following day, was somewhat calmer. Despite more snow falling, school was open and so he was able to be with his pals all day long. Followed by another birthday cake in the afternoon. This time, it did not pass inspection, and he re wrote the smartie birthday message himself before we were allowed to present it to him whilst singing happy birthday.

Alexei5thbday-3 Alexei5thbday-4
Meanwhile, whilst all the birthday celebrating was going on, we had lots of snow. A first for Willow – I am not sure what she thought about it! But for the boys, it meant a day off school – having trapsed there in the morning and then back home again, only to find an email to say school was closing and they should be picked up! But the hour or so of sledging was enjoyed by all, until the lure of a fire and ipad games became too much for some!  Although Willow did enjoy masquerading as a snowman (lady)
small (1 of 2) Snowjan2013-11 small (2 of 2)
After all that exercise, a bit of sustenance (are mine the only boys who eat peppers as if they were fruit?), and then some meditation. Meanwhile, Willow has decided to stop nursing from me 😦 and has found distraction with the mirrored ball, finding  her inner disco diva.
Snowjan2013-12 Snowjan2013-14 Snowjan2013-16

One thought on “2013Week3

  1. love the photo of lexei with the balloons on his head – and of course your little snow lady! Looks like you have been non stop partying with them all – lots of happ faces 😀 Sad when they decide to stop nursing – but freeing too x

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