2013 Week 2

The lateness of this posting has been due to the snow we have had in Britain (everything stops with snow here!) and the fact that I have had to nurse my husband after a little operation on his leg….well, that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it!!!
Week2-5 Week2-6 Week2-7
Nothing to do with the parties and late nights, and the quiet craft filled days following!
CusackParty-62 CusackParty-8 CusackParty-15 Week2-4
Apart from that, the second week of the year began with the new school term and the early starts have been a bit of a shock! Felix is now doing one full day at pre school as well as two mornings – he is growing up fast! Meanwhile, the bigger boys tried out judo for the first time and seemed to enjoy it! They are each to be moved up a class in their swimming levels and are so very pleased.A new start too for Willow, who went to a lovely local childminder the one morning I race off to college for my two hours photography course. The childminder told me Willow had rolled over and I my immediate thought was that she had done it when I was not there! So I was pleased to learn that it was on to her side, which she has done before with me, often whilst in the cot, turning to her left to look at the fishtank that bubbles away and plays soothing tunes. Willow is also really enjoying being on the playmat that was each of her brothers before her – and brings back so many memories. This picture could be any one of the children!
CusackParty-9After all that playing. she stops for a bit to enjoy some food:
Hmm, just see if it looks ok…2013Week2Willow-13 … right, it’s going in….2013Week2Willow-10 …ooh, quite nice….2013Week2Willow-5 …oh dear, it’s on my cuff!2013Week2Willow-6
Apart from that, at the forefront of my mind this week was the taking of photos of the 4 young children of friends of ours, for the 40th birthday celebration of the wife. So hubby sneakily brought the kiddies rounds to ours for a Beatles style make-shift studio session (in the style of the album cover Hard Day’s night). The kids were fantastic and after the final 16 were picked, I printed them off and mounted them. The wife is delighted. I love this idea so much, I am going to do it with my own family too!

4 thoughts on “2013 Week 2

  1. wow love the photos you did for your friend – no wonder she is pleased with them! There looks a dreamy quality to them too which I love – was this special post processing? I might have to try something similar 😀

    I can only read half the blog though as it seems to run off the edge of the page to the right and so I am only getting half the story 😦 Not sure what is happening.

    Sorry to hear about your leg – am assuming the bandaged foot is Paul’s not yours? You are a right pair!!

    • My leg is fine – Paul’s is the bandaged one – and he is taking ever opportunity to sit down and strum his guitar!
      Annoying you cant read the blog, it is fine this end – are you on a phone or ipad? have not checked through those…
      The pics of the 4 kids are minimally tweaked; I had the same background and light throughout. T would be pleased!!

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