2013 Week 21

As I mentioned last week, I have been getting out on my bike a bit recently, and so has the little girl – new pink helmet and all! She seems very happy there – a bit too comfy really and tends to fall asleep rather than marvel at the views. AlishaPTA-12

Well, she needs the rest to be such a genius writing her name.



She must take after her big brother…


who finally, having got a bit upset the week before when I was helpfully prompting him to write his slate (as, we found out later, he wanted to do it all himself), finished writing it out (he gets the last one from me! Liking being warm, that is; I am not a worm)


Alexei, of course, had to get in on the action again


and sweet Barnaby wanted to show off Willow’s again.

ta da, she says


Meanwhile, Willow carries on exploring the toys that were the boys, KidsWeek21-23

whilst they continue to confuse everyone about whom is whom!!

KidsWeek21-13 KidsWeek21-2 KidsWeek21-12


This week ended with a bank holiday, and the start of their half term week, and we all went up to London for a trip out. We drove up to Hammersmith and then got the tube up to Embankment, where all the kids were excited to spot Big Ben!

But the London Eye was what we had come to experience first….








The journey was fun, especially since a marriage was proposed ( I just wish I had got the act itself)London-99

But Willow slept through the whole thing!


whilst Barnaby loved every minute,


After this adventure, we jumped on a duck bus, Rosalind, that was part of the D-day landings.


It was great fun, visiting the London that we had just seen from the air




5 thoughts on “2013 Week 21

  1. looks like a great time. I have done the open top bus tours with two of mine and they loved it – included a trip down the Thames too. Lovely to see all the historic sights. I think I would go photo crazy in the London Eye -not least to take my mind off how high we were (not good with heights)

    Glad Barnaby did his write up – what did they use to write them so clearly?

  2. I did take loads (easy to get carried away), but decided only ones with the pods in sight were worthwhile and more interesting. Was too busy checking the kids, sights and pram movements to feel too wobbly!
    I have found chalk pens to write with – Amazing. So worthwhile.

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