2013 Week 20

We have endured more changeable weather this week and a meet-up with friends at my local bluebell woods was postponed because of the forecasted rain. I decided, however, to brave the elements and pop their with my daughter and my camera came too. How glad I made that decision!



And Willow didn’t mind posing in the midst of the flowers and it all started out so well….





But then you see she started taking a shine to the flowers themselves



and it went downhill


so, I bribed her with rusks – much better




After 20 minutes or so, we got back in the car to drive home, but I still couldn’t resist a couple of (wet) scenic shots

Bluebells-303 Bluebells-296

A couple of days later I took the two youngest back to the woods to try to get Willow as a wood nymph; I am not sure it worked but it was fun, though she still was partial to eating the flowers.


I then gave Willow a board to hold,  listing many of her traits at this age


Felix got one too …




A few days later, Alexei decided to write his own (modesty is not a trait of his!!!)



I am finding a bit more time to get on my bike – even in the rain, it is great to get out

2013-05-16 19.55.36 2013-05-16 19.55.31

Willow in her interesting new sleeping position!
2013-05-20 15.08.42

4 thoughts on “2013 Week 20

  1. “I am really clever” He is amazing!
    Love this set of shots Eloise!
    The ones og the flowers with all the beautiful perspectives are amazing, and so are the ones of your children too, they made me smile and I had so much fun reading their descriptions!!
    This is definitely my favorite post! 🙂

  2. I agree with Pablo – a wonderful post with some great scenic shots, some wonderful pics of the children in the woods and I LOVE the blackboards what a great idea. Looking forward to seeing those again in future posts – Willow will change so fast!

    You definitely need to get Barnaby to do one too.Cant wait to read what he decides to put!

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