2013 Week 19

Another week has flown by and not many photos were taken, but lots of editing of the shoot I did for a friend of a friend, who liked them all so that as well as my payment, I received a lovely bunch of flowers and a thank you card! I would definitely take more business if all clients were like her!

Flowers-4 Flowers-5

Meanwhile, the boys found a machine in daddy’s office that makes labels; that kept them amused for a while … I found stickers all over the house and some they gave me to wear on my clothes!


The week ended with a family 40th birthday party at the village hall, where the night before we had all had fun at an auction for the school (luckily no cameras there!), and I was asked to capture some images of Sophia’s day. Here are some of the boys. Alexei, of course, decided that he just had to go on stage and help the instructor, who was very patient with him!

I was a bit cross with myself as my camera bag was hung on my pram, which promptly fell over and so when I got to the hall I discovered that my lens filter had smashed! Yikes. A bit concerned that the lens itself was scratched, I tried to blow all the glass away; who knows if I got it all and there is likely still some shards in the bag. Grrr

Sophia40-73 Sophia40-13

Sophia40-93 Sophia40-5

Sophia40-23 Sophia40-59

As I had my camera I took the opportunity, on the way home, to photograph a run down house that is so out of keeping of the area, that it really intrigues me, and is probably my favourite house on the road!


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