2013 Week 18

This week was all about my girl who turned 10 months – not such a baby any more, but not yet a toddler. She is not yet crawling, apart from a bit of backwards movement, but she can play peek a boo with her bib or a plate and she seems to really have a great sense of humour.


Some of these pictures were taken on her 10 month day, in preparation for a photoshoot I was doing for another young family (which went really well I am so happy to report). Other pictures were just taken around the house as she was just being her gorgeous self.
iphone-21 iphone-14 iphone-22iphone-28 iphone-29 iphone-26 iphone-27 q-10 q q-31 q-24q-27q-29

WillowWeek18-2 WillowWeek18-6WillowWeek18-3 WillowWeek18-4 WillowWeek18-5 WillowWeek18-11WillowWeek18-12WillowWeek18-13 WillowWeek18-9

Meanwhile, in other news, the blossom is out and how beautiful everything looks


Alexei can ride a bike on his own, but I have failed to capture it so far; even when we went on a family cycle ride to enjoy a picnic with the sunny weather. Willow enjoyed her first bike trip too – honestly!



4 thoughts on “2013 Week 18

  1. well done in getting this done! I know it must be harder now Willow is awake more – but so worthwhile when there are such lovely memories to share. Love the lighting in your “studio” shots – she looks amazing. If the photos for your friend were anything like those she must be thrilled.

    And I love the ones of her drumming!!

  2. I’ve been away for such a long time and haven’t had any time to check anyone’s work, finally I’m back and I find that Willow has grown a lot; she looks absolutely pretty, her eyes are so amazing!

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