2013 Week 17

We have finally had a run of good weather, and so Paul decided to hang the washing outside! To give him his due, it did dry quickly, well those items that stayed where they were placed did. However, the ones that fell or got knocked to the dirty ground were just trampled on by the kids.


After a busy morning, Felix and I just about managed to make a birthday cake for Grandpa, when he came for his usual Thursday cup of tea. He had great fun blowing out his candle and icing sugar on to the boys. Of course, the cake candle had to be lighted and blown out numerous times!



Whenever Alexei is being cheeky or mischievous, and has a glint in his eye, I see my dad in him! From the above photos you can probably see why.

We passed an old man in the street and Alexei called out hello to him, as he does to all whom we meet, but this man did not reply but slightly flinched and just ignored him to carry on walking. So Alexei shouted out to me, in earshot of this old guy “I think he must be deaf.” What a lovely, innocent come -back!

Because of all the to-ing and fro-ing with the children and baby, I don’t manage to get out much these days to revel in the glorious Springtime views, but at the end of the week I managed to capture a bit of Spring:



Willow carried on with her swimming lessons this week and got dunked twice without seeming to mind too much and she also held on to the side bars on her own. She seems to be a natural, but the bath times frequently shared with three splashy elder brothers probably has a lot to do with this!


And finally, poor little Barnaby is ill with tonsillitis. He suddenly became poorly after playing football and getting whacked really hard when he saved a goal. Apparently he let go of the ball because he was so hurt and the other team then scored a goal. Only the ref hadn’t seen the foul. Urgh. Anyway, he has spent the last few days being really lethargic and shivery, so a lot of resting and relaxing and tv watching has been called for!


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