2013 WEEK 16

The start of the new term and with new haircuts, the boys allowed me to  sneak in a few shots before getting to school. I like to get them standing by the front door usually, but it was rather chaotic and they wanted to sit with Willow, so for now, this is the way forward! Alexei can’t keep a straight face, and Felix seems intent on sucking his cheeks in, perfecting his modelling look perhaps? Willow once again, wonders what sort of family she has been born in to!

week15-3 week15-4 week15-6

Daddy had a turn at posing too:


Back to Willow! I have noticed that she can roll easily on to her front and often now sleeps like that, though she get upset if her foot gets caught between her cot bars.


After this particularly refreshing sleep, she  decided to become a doctor. Encouraged, probably, by Alexei who has announced that when he grows up, he wants to be a doctor so that he doesn’t have to get married! OK….

So here is Willow first getting her tools ready to examine the patient

now to go in


hmm heart beating


What about the pulse?


Ha, yes, all seems in order


But lets have a poke just to check


Yes, all good. After all that hard work, time for a food break and a little brotherly affection.

week15-20 week15-22 week15-23 week15-26

As the weather continued to be good, we welcomed the opportunity to go for a walk at the weekend.

Week16-2 Week16-3

Week16-7 Week16-9Week16-13

And then, after her first swimming lesson, Willow was pleased to receive a badge, and Alexei wanted to show off his house he built at school


and then to do some homework with daddy (the bottles in the background were from a dinner party the night before, not to get us through homework time!).


Meanwhile, Felix carries on his obsession to stand on all things delicate.


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