2013 Week 15

This week was the final week of the Easter break and we slowed down a little – though not completely! But as I was still feeling under the weather, I was glad for a change of pace.

Even though his birthday was 2 weeks before, there were still some presents that Barnaby had not opened and so he had more to play with, including a quite tricky circuit board and a pirate’s chest.


We made up a rule to get a toy out and play with it, and then write the thank you letter, with the aim that they were all done by the time school started again the following week. We just about managed that.

Barnaby also hada sleepover with a school friend, affording the rest of us the opportunity to make homemade pizza, as Barnaby is the one who really does not like it. Alexei was very excited, Felix not so much. The pizzas were made but as he ate through his creation, Alexei too became less excited before eventually deciding it wasn’t for him either! Luckily, Willow seemed happy to chomp her way through the  leftovers. She is still the chapion eater!


The boys then discovered an unopened craft activity that their auntie Camilla had left us at Christmas, as her children had outgrown it. It looked complicated, being coloured wax strips that you were meant to create pictures with, but with a little help from me cutting and with some cool templates to follow, the boys did well and created some fantastic designs they were really proud of. Alexei in particular just got on with the task at hand and if he made a mistake, would calmly undo his work and re-try again.



They also decided they would like to do some gardening, after seeing me try to re pot the Willow tree given to Willow by her (other) auntie to mark her recent baptism. They planted some strawberries and sunflowers and I am especially hoping that the latter take as we have to grow some for Barnaby’s beaver group as I think I have killed the ones he was sent home with last month to grow for a competition.


It was lovely to be out in the garden and to see the spring flowers (finally) blooming. And all that hard work deserved a little sunbathing break.


One of Barnaby’s birthday gifts had been a treasure chest and so a very kind daddy devised a treasure hunt for the boys, with clues dotted all over the house and finally a prize to be decided by me, but only if they uttered the line:

Quite tricky, but they managed it and have been singing the song ever since!


Meanwhile, Willow continues to grow and develop – both physically (HUGE BELLY) and mentally (she is really chatty and I am sure she said “Dog” to Lotka the other day! Genius).


And as I haver mentioned before, I LOVE the interaction she and her brothers have. This is a rough and tumble session with Felix, who is so gentle with her, apart from when he accidentally pushes her over of course!


And so the last week of the holiday has passed and what a nice time we had. Of course, there was a bit of grown up time to with some evenings out and as there were two friends’ birthdays I made some more cakes ……. Lots of chocolate fingers and lots more chocolate. Yum.


And as usual, Charlie has been accompanying me wherever I am in the house and here he is just about to headbutt the camera to get a bit of affection!


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