2013 Week 14

OK, I was wrong about Spring being round the corner. One word: FREEZING. brrrrr

However, one more day of enjoying the company of our Polish relations, and though it was cold, we could enjoy a bit of sun. We didn’t enjoy the dog pooh incident whereby Felix stepped in it and trapsed it all over the house! Bang went our shopping trip before their journey home, and instead we cleared up a bit and then enjoyed more chatting and chilling. Perfect.


But no sooner did they leave when 2 boys came over for a sleepover. It was the first time Alexei had a friend over for a sleep and he was so excited about  it. I promised a film and snacks, and though they were all sleeping downstairs in a makeshift dorm using sofa cushions as beds, they did all behave very well and so they enjoyed a Toy Story on DVD with a “midnight” feast of  Fruit salad and popcorn.

They were actually all asleep by 9pm, though I could not sleep very well with them all downstairs, but when Felix cried out at 3am and I took him upstairs to our bed, I finally managed to get some rest as the others were all sleeping so soundly.

The next day Barnaby carried on at a football camp he was attending during the day, but that pm was the first peaceful afternoon we had had for a while, so we all relaxed and the kids chilled out together. Paul43Bday-2Paul43Bday-3Paul43Bday-5-2
I love the way Willow looks at her brothers, how she loves them and they adore her, even when she is poking them!Paul43Bday-8Paul43Bday-9

Willow turned 9 months this week and cut her first tooth! The first of many to come quickly I thinkk.

Here are a few tricks she has been practicing now she is a big girl, getting from sitting to lying down. Ta-dah!
And then on to another birthday – my husband, who turned 43. And a surprise supper for him meant a day of baking and food preparation so that when some friends from university “popped over” we could all have a meal instead of Paul being taken out for dinner as he was expecting.

And even more of a surprise were the masks that they turned up in!


The next day, Paul’s birthday, was a working day but he made it a short one so that we could drive down to see my uncle and aunt in Devon to spend a couple of nights with them. There he received another cake and he got to open his cards and presents – including the two drawn by Barnaby of his mum and dad!

Then, there in Devon, we finally got the youngest two second cousins to meet


and it was all fun and games


Willow kissed a frog to find her prince ShanLinda-57-Edit-Edit
and even Lotka joined in the fun.

3 thoughts on “2013 Week 14

  1. love the photos of all the children together – I remember mine mauling their older siblings like that – but have no photos to prove it. They will love looking back on those in years to come. Wow you have all been so busy since I last saw you. And fantastic that you are still going with this – you need to give me a kick 😀

    • Me busy? Not compared to you. lol. Getting back up to date with this! It is slightly easier in term time to catch up. You will get there and you did so well with our travel blog that your kids will have brill memories of their once in a lifetime holiday!

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