2013 Week 13

[This has been a very busy time  – since skiing this is the first day that there has not been much going on…. so here is the belated catch up]

So, home from skiing and straight back to school and the excitement of not only the looming end of term, but also, and perhaps more importantly, of the momentous occasion of our first born’s 7th birthday! It does seem to be a milestone birthday – Show me the boy at 7 years old and I will show you the man !!


Well, perhaps not this face! Barnaby was desperate to try bubble gum and for a long time said “only 7 year old are allowed it aren’t they?” So I got him one for his birthday, he popped it in, made a face and a few moments later said “it is time to take it out now?” I affirmed it was, he took it out and threw it away and said “Yum”. I am not so sure. At least he has tried and doesn’t seem too taken with it so hopefully that’s that for a while.

Onto more important matters, his party! An X-blaster party no less, to which he invited all the boys in his class for the late night session after not only a full day at school, but also for a few of them, after an end of term drama performance of a version of Jack and The Beanstalk, which they had all made up themselves guided by their very talented teacher. It was genius and much enjoyed!

And so then to hot foot it over to the soft play centre for the laser party. But first, just to let the excitement really build (for the kids too, not only my husband!), it was food and cake time.


After the teams were chosen, the battle commenced. It was bloody, it was gruesome, it was messy. Well, I think it was, it was bit bit dark to see properly and I was having a cup of tea and gossiping.


But, a flash of light helped. Barnaby7thBday-46

They all seemed to be enjoying themselves and were happy with the end results of individual scores, though Barnaby was not in the top three nor the winning team (blue, not Barnaby’s red), but it didn’t seem to matter in the slightest to the birthday boy. He had a whale of a time. The only sticky situation was when the individual easter egg presents ran out before Barnaby got one, but his little brother Alexei very kindly let Barnaby have his, as it was his birthday after all. Phew. All happy little fighters.

And then the last day (or half day of term) which was B’s actual birthday and he got to wear what he liked, take lollipops for his class, and generally have a relaxing day, before being let out at 2pm for the start of the Easter holidays! But for us, this lazy day soon turned into a busy afternoon with present opening and then the ‘relaxing’ meal out. It is tradition to go to the TGI’s restaurant for a kids birthday meal, and this year Granny and Grandpa came too.


It was lovely, but the meal took ages to arrive and everyone was pretty tired, so our hopes of an early and quick meal were soon dashed, but my blueberry cocktail helped me pass the time,Barnaby7thBday-8 whist Barnaby enjoyed his balloon crown,Barnaby7thBday-14Barnaby7thBday-13

and Willow savoured a non-alcoholic cocktail,Barnaby7thBday-11 Barnaby7thBday-9
Felix made Granny colour his picture in and Alexei generally just ran around causing mischief.

Oh, and Grandpa was reminiscing about long-lost friends and regaled us with funny stories whilst my husband made smart remarks and teased Grandpa about whether or not he had actually accepted the offer to step into the shower………Finally we got to the puddings (and another yummy sounding but rather disappointing cocktail for me), and the birthday song and cake for our all-too-soon-to-be-grown-up son. That is what makes it all worthwhile.


A relaxing Good Friday followed, making some cakes Easter-62

and then on Saturday we drove over to Granny and Grandpa’s house to spend some more time with them over the Easter period. Oh and Auntie Fiona popped over to give Willow a Willow,  and to have quality time with her godson:

Barnaby enjoyed staying the night and his night time reading Easter-41 Easter-40 whilst Willow enjoyed BagpussEaster-81


On Sunday the Grandparents left early and before us, but the kids soon discovered some easter eggs in their garden.
Easter-5 Easter-17Easter-18

Easter-34 Easter-50Easter-53

then off to Easter Sunday lunch at Paul’s Aunt where we caught up with family, and then brought back home with us Paul’s brother Marcin, and his wife Karin and their daughter Wiktoria. They gave us a Polish easter tree which I added to our table of easter decorations

Easter-44 Easter-2-2Easter-41-2

Back at home, it appeared that the Easter bunny had also made it to our garden.

Willow enjoyed not some eggs, but lots of cuddles from her cousin


and the boys were allowed to get quite close!Easter

I always think Spring is just round the corner following Barnaby’s birthday, as it suddenly appeared when I came out of hospital 7 years ago, and sure enough the weatherhas improved in that it has stopped raining and the sun is out, though it is still really really cold. These blossoms are a good hint at what is to come though.


2 thoughts on “2013 Week 13

  1. your first born and mine have similar birthdays and I always associate it with the start of Spring too for the same reason. How lovely that Willow has a willow – love that idea. Is that Auntie Fiona in the photo? My goodness she looks so like you!!

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