2013 Week 12

So here we are in St. Anton and I have put my camera away. It is quite liberating not to have it and worry about taking pictures, rather just enjoy myself, and the time away with the kids and of course, my snowboard!

And anyway, nowadays, camera phones are pretty decent, and mine came out to record a few memories.

So first here are the boys starting their morning lessons. Barnaby and Alexei were in the beginners and Barnaby listened carefully making a pizza with his skis and putting his hands on his knees to slow down. He showed great potential.

2013-03-19 10.31.362013-03-19 10.31.432013-03-19 10.25.23

Meanwhile Alexei in skiing, as in everything else, decided to do it his way but had great fun in doing so, though causing a few heart attack moments for his teachers along the way when he pointed his skis straight down the hill, but without being able to turn!

2013-03-19 10.32.132013-03-19 10.26.232013-03-22 10.42.52

Young Felix had afternoon lessons and showed great enthusiasm in skiing by continual loops of being pulled up the magic carpet and then sliding down the hill. All with a big smile on his face.

2013-03-22 13.59.122013-03-22 14.11.072013-03-18 14.28.01

And whilst the boys were enjoying their lessons, Paul and I enjoyed snowboarding all over St Anton, seeking out powder wherever we could.

2013-03-19 13.23.052013-03-21 12.26.442013-03-20 11.19.30

2013-03-19 13.28.162013-03-19 13.28.532013-03-19 13.31.32

2013-03-20 13.22.282013-03-20 13.22.332013-03-20 13.22.392013-03-20 13.22.432013-03-19 13.23.502013-03-21 12.25.22

So whilst we were enjoying ourselves, the boys continued to get better and Barnaby was even moved up to the Improvers group for the last two lessons -and then came third in their last day race. Alexei was too much of a liability to be allowed to race, but he just thought it was because he was so special! Felix’s group did not keep times, but all did so very well and Felix bombed down the 50 yard race track!

2013-03-22 11.02.322013-03-22 15.50.582013-03-22 15.52.45

On the very last day we took the two oldest kids up the mountain with us, having hired skis ourselves to be able to cope better. Barnaby was brilliant – he is very talented but sensible with it, and so could cope really well and I was able to take him all over the mountain and cover a lot of ground. Alexei, as expected, thought he was better than he was, but the enthusiasm is there, just not the comprehension of what can happen if you go so fast down a steep slope without being able to turn well, let alone stop! In St Anton, even the blue runs are challenging for beginners. However, by the end of the day, Alexei had improved and managed to turn both ways and seemed to be really enjoying himself. Both boys were shattered by the end of the day with all the fresh air and exercise.

2013-03-19 16.05.28
2013-03-23 14.07.222013-03-23 14.06.56

And so came the end of our holiday; Willow seems to have enjoyed the whole experience and is hoping to get some skis herself next time.

2013-03-21 09.35.54

Time to pack
2013-03-22 17.44.312013-03-22 17.44.382013-03-22 17.43.58

And savour the memories.


2 thoughts on “2013 Week 12

  1. thought I would com and catch up on your life. Looks a fantastic holiday and I am in awe of the boys doing so well – I went skiing just the once and was terrible! I think I am better at apres ski

    • Lovely to have you back – I have been following you whilst you were away and was just exhausted from reading it all! I am surprised you have any energy left to come here. Looking forward to hearing all about it in person! I enjoy the skiing and reminisce about the apres ski! not so easy with 4 little ones is it?

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