2013 Week 11

I’Apologies for the very late posting of this week, but by the end of it we had flown off on our hols. The week had been very quiet though with not much to report apart from getting ready for our holiday – this is their idea of packing!


The last day of school for the boys before the holiday was very exciting, being Red Nose Day and they enjoyed the opportunity to dress in red and to wear their red noses.
Whilst Willow was content to eat leaf!
Anyway, after all their patient waiting
we finally made it to Austria and LOTS of SNOW.
So having got kitted up, the kids enjoyed playing in the snow – throwing snowballs at each other, strangers, and the cable car!
Snow-2Snow-42 Snow-34 Snow-27 Snow-13 Snow-10 Snow-8 Snow-6
I’ve a feeling that next week will be fun!

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