2013 Week 10

An indulgent post today, as it was Mother’s Day on Sunday and the boys were really sweet with their cards and drawings.

They first did a lovely card for their Granny

and then I got some cards that were made at school/pre-school from the two little boys,



and then a beautiful booklet from my eldest son, which explains all the recent questions!!MothersDay-3 MothersDay-4 MothersDay-5 MothersDay-6 MothersDay-7 MothersDay-8


(and it was also lovely to see in Barnaby’s class his photo with the caption “great thinker”).

Meanwhile, daddy was also very kind and helped them get me some lovely flowers.


Apart from all the writing and drawing this week, the boys have been busy improving their reading. Alexei is doing so well with his books but as he finds them easy, has decided to try to read his brothers too …. two school years above him! He is actually doing surprisingly well with these stories although he only does a few pages a night.


Barnaby has been very gracious about Alexei trying his books out, and has even found others to read to his little brother.reading-4

Willow, still continues to delight and is back to sleeping well in her cot reading-5

She is also enjoying her food again and there is not much she does not enjoy which I don’t remember any of the boys being like. Meat is still the least preferred dish, but lamb has been enjoyed. All washed down by a nice cup of tea….. well okay, not really, the teddy bears drank it all!willowparty-40-Edit willowparty-7

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