2013 Week 9

After the fun and celebrations the week before, this last week has been relatively quiet and I have hardly taken any pictures. Annoyingly, I forgot to take my camera to my son’s first cross country race, but then again, it meant that I could just enjoy the occasion for once. He completed the course with a big smile on his face and was probably about half way in the results table. I am not sure that his tactic of taking it easy in the first half in order to have a strong second half was the best strategy, as the race was only 640 meters, but as he was pretty tired by the end anyway maybe it was for the best after all!

In the week and with my college class, I had my camera at a church practising flash and photographing stained glass windows….


Apart from the kiddies cross country run, this weekend saw our local 10k race which this year was kick started by the camel, who has bettered his time dramatically from other years.Goring10k-9 Goring10k-14 Goring10k-19 Goring10k-23 Goring10k-25 This last picture shows a friend who trained with my husband to get a sub 40 minute time. Unfortunately, my husband has an injury and so could not compete, but our friend managed it! Brilliant. And what a great motivator for Paul once he can train again.Goring10k-26

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