2013 Week 8

This week was all about Willow, as she was welcomed into the Catholic Church by baptism. We had a lovely weekend with friends and family and everything went to plan, apart from the lack of cutlery for some dishes I had provided for the reception afterwards and probably slightly over catering! Even with the attendance of certain family members well known for their huge appetites, we still have some food left over, so it’s cheese and salmon for a few weeks to come for us!

WillowChristening-3 WillowChristening-2WillowChristening
WillowChristening-10-Edit WillowChristening-9 WillowChristening-8



WillowChristening-69 WillowChristening-61 WillowChristening-52


7 thoughts on “2013 Week 8

    • New outfit? nope. the christening gown was my fathers, first used in 1939. lol.
      I took the Willow high key and the actual baptism part at the font with godparents. My brother in law, who is a godfather, took the first ones in the church. he is quite keen on my camera, and yes, he did a great job (thanks Mx).

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