2013 Week 7

This week was taken up with half term holidays, so we made the most of it with lazy starts to the day. Alexei and Willow were still a bit off colour. Willow not enjoyng her food as much and showing me that she really does not like any sort of meat thus far, by firmly clamping her mouth shut. Fruit and veg on the other hand, are still being welcomed.

small (2 of 17)

We made the most of a rare sunny (but cold) day to eat outside.small (7 of 17)Enjoying the nice weather, we had a family walk on Lardon’s Chase, and if Alexei looks a bit odd, it is because he had his coat on back to front!
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Of course, there had to be a bit of fighting too.untitled (15 of 17)

small (14 of 17)
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untitled (16 of 17)We also wrote name tags for the presents to be given at the christening,

small (8 of 17)
and made lots of yummy food using my amazing thermomix.

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small (6 of 17) small (5 of 17)

And my gorgeous cat Charlie turned 15 this week! Fifteen!!!!!!! He’s still got it. There’s life in the old dog, er cat, yet.Charlietongue

Charlie7though maybe those teeth could do with a clean!

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