2013 Week 6

As expected, Alexei did receive the Head Teacher’s Special Award, for his computer work in R.E talking about Noah and the ark. He was so delighted with it, as are we, and proudly showed it off. This week we had parent’s evening, and his teacher was once again so complimentary about him, the only negative being his terrible writing! I pointed out that neither of his parent’s have particularly neat writing – she wasn’t impressed with that either! So we will have to try to get him to write smaller and put spaces in-between words! However, we saw that the work he did for his special award using the computer, the spaces were there. He is clearly of the IT generation!
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Barnaby also had a really good report and his teacher seems to understand him more now and realises that his confidence is growing and  that he can be a leader and organiser, and so hopefully she will consider him in some future tasks instead of always picking the older, louder children. Again, his maths was praised, but like his little brother, his writing is what lets him down, though seeing the improvement he has made this school year, we are happy.

Meanwhile, at pre-school, his teachers have been telling me how much of a joker Felix is and has them all laughing with his antics. I wonder why….

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Sadly this week everyone has been feeling a little under the weather, especially Alexei and Willow – the poor baby has been off her food and not sleeping as well. Could be teething, could be a cold, could be something else, who knows, but undeterred, she is still showing great progress.
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Although my attempt to photograph her as the Very Hungry Caterpillar didn’t turn out very well… but she did enjoy the fruit.
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As half term is already upon us, beginning with an inset day, we decided to be proactive and make some cards. Can you tell which cards fit which boy, one of whom is 6 (almost 7), one is just 5, and the other 3? Hmm, not that tricky! Hope they are appreciated….

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I also took the opportunity to get a photo of myself with my first born  lovely baby – it took a lot of persuasion and stroppiness, and that was just me, but finally daddy captured us together.


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