2013 Week 5

The week started on a high with Barnaby receiving a Teacher’s Special Award, for “good effort, concentration and output in maths lessons.” He was chuffed, as were we, especially as he is making an effort to speak up in class and contribute more. It seems to be working. There is rumour that his little (but more outgoing and confident)  brother will be getting a Head Teacher’s Special Award, but thankfully that did not materialise this week.

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As Willow’s Baptism is approaching, I carried on the tradition, started with the boys, of painting some pottery for presents. I had an idea in mind and tried to transfer it from my mind to the mug. I had 9 to do in a couple of hours whilst the boys were in school and pre-school, and with Willow’s cooperation! Thankfully, she obliged and let her big toe be the stigma for the flowers and then happily gurgled for a bit whilst I did the rest. Of course, I ran out of time and had to take some home to be finished, but it was a morning well spent and I look forward to picking them up next week.

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I have another project in mind in which the children have to pose for me, which nowadays they seem happier to do, apart from when I am asking them to do it outside, and WITHOUT a top on! To get them in the spirit, daddy went first.

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However, as he had not quite fulfilled the brief, the shirt had to go… brrr

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That’s better, so now to get the kids involved:
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And first stop is a little cuddle with Willow – they are such great mates!
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And so finally, he took his top off and embraced the poses!

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As the other two felt it was too cold to pose for me outside (despite the bribe of sweets), I focused on Willow, but in the comfort of the bedroom, where I discovered that our bed and duvet cover makes quite a nice studio area.

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untitled (13 of 18) untitled (12 of 18)Felix, meanwhile, was lining up the dvd’s he wanted to watch,

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but we didn’t have time for that as wed decided to take them all swimming; Willow for the first time! She did enjoy it, but she (and I) got cold quite quickly, and we left the others to it as they were having so much fun. I watched as Alexei, having had lots of fun on the tunnel slide went in search of his armbands that he had left on the side. Without any guidance, he spotted a father and child in the pool wearing his distinctive armbands, went up to him and, apparently, very politely said ” Excuse me, I am very very very sorry for disturbing you, but these are my armbands and so when you have finished with them can I please have them back” (as recounted to us later on). The man in question, without hesitation, took the armbands off his child and apologised to Alexei as he handed them back! Go Alexei!

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The week ended for me and the older boys with a junk music workshop at school. The head asked me to take some pictures for the year 2 session, but as I was so rushed with all the activities I do with the little ones, I did not have time to swap lenses and so had to be content with mainly wide angled shots. At least the leader of the workshop came close enough at one point for me to snap him and put it in my diary!!
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