2013 Week 23

Back to school this week after a mostly sunny half term, and again we were blessed with great weather. Finally. So the first day back for the big boys, and with a few hours to ourselves, the girl and I took to the roads and had a quick picnic lunch before getting back to pick up Felix. Near the end of the ride she decided that she didn’t want to wear the helmet, and managed to take it off herself! Luckily she held on to it and so when I noticed it was off, she was still clutching it.

2013week23-20 2013week23-24

Barnaby had a lot of homework this week and one part was to insert an adjective within a sentence. Daddy helped Barnaby, but it was hard going until they started to act it out. The story of the busy bees.2013week23-2 2013week23-52013week23-11 2013week23-6

Of course, the other two had to join in too.

2013week23-19 2013week23-21

With the continued nice weather, we also spent lots of time outdoors, where Willow practised her crawling and exploring whilst investigating my newly planted vegetables (hence face full of dirt).

2013week23-51 2013week23-50 2013week23-42 2013week23-442013week23-13

Alexei has been thinking a lot about careers recently, and all that thinking gave him a nose bleed!2013week23-32

but he decided that added to his list which includes doctor and dustbin man, he would like to be a face painter as he is so good at it! This time, I made sure he had proper face paints to practice with. Felix was a willing model as “Fire Bat” ???

2013week23-28 2013week23-37 2013week23-31 2013week23-62

The week finished with Daddy helping at Beaver’s as an official beaver leader, hence the uniform  which he loves to wear and doesn’t feel self conscious at all (lol).


And finally, a lovely surprise for Barnaby was to receive another teacher’s special award for better focus and team working!


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