2013 Week 24

This week, the weather turned and reverted to being a bit miserable with some rain showers and lots of wind. I didn’t take many photos.

However, I can’t resist Willow as she is so fun! I plonked a hat on her for no reason but to see what she would do. It didn’t distract her from her game, nor from her crawling.

untitled-2-2 untitled-7untitled-8untitled-10

And finally, a bit of stretching. Show off.


Daddy spent the weekend away competing in an iron man event, so we waved him and the bike off

untitled-2 untitled-3

And then there was 5 and time to think about father’s day (that he was to miss) and pictures for a card that we wanted to create.

So an update on the profiles of the little two, as Felix wanted to contribute to his, and obviously, Willow is changing week by week.

untitled-51 untitled-31 untitled-39

Now to get those tums out.

untitled-147 untitled-122-Edit

Meanwhile, Charlie looks on


I get distracted by the first strawberry of the year and the daisies.

untitled-76 untitled-75untitled-73

Willow gets distracted by a leaf


and Alexei builds his own composting box! Having discovered him putting fresh (shop bought) massive strawberries into the mix, I soon made a rule that the fruit had to be eaten and only the stalk used!

untitled-67 untitled-86

Alexei then started to paint a dog on to Felix, but had a strop half way through so I had to finish it off whilst Alexei sulked.

untitled-100 untitled-108

Barnaby practiced his talk on lions


whilst Willow had a chance at being a power ranger.


And finally, Barnaby’s self portrait.


And I thought that I didn’t take many photos!

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