2013 Week 25

I have been a bit distracted this week, trying to organise my work to hand in for my college course soon. However, the box distracted not only myself and Willow, but Charlie too.

2013Week 25-8 2013Week 25-2

At the moment Willow is crawling a lot but is happy in the box. I have a feeling this calm state wont last for long. When not in the box, she heads straight for the stairs or the cupboards, and pulls everything out!

All the corn she is eating is giving her energy!

2013Week 25-17  2013Week 25-23

enough to start pulling herself up!

2013Week 25-26

One thought on “2013 Week 25

  1. She is amazing with the varied food she eats. After my last two being such rubbish eaters I have forgotten what it is like to have an adventurous eater as a baby! Love the photos with the corn cob. I missed seeing this go up – you hav done so weelel keeeping going with this AND Willow being more active AND college work! x

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