2013 Week 26

Wow, half way through the year; where did the time go? It’s almost Willow’s first birthday too. Her first year has flown by.  Her big personality is becoming more apparent every day, and the obstacles to her development are really beginning to frustrate her. Why do things keep getting in her way when she pulls herself up to stand? And why doesn’t mummy know that she has had enough to eat and really just wants her milk now. She’s going to keep us on our toes!

Week26kids-10 Week26kids-17 Week26kids-21

The boys had their sports day this week just gone and really enjoyed it. Barnaby came second in the obstacle course and so told me that he might come first in the pure running race. He did. How delighted was he?


So he really didn’t mind where he came in the others races and when he did come second in another he swapped his silver sticker for someone else’s bronze, so he had all three colours! Bless.

Alexei’s first sport’s day experience was amusing. He was just beaten to third place in his obstacle course, there being a clear winner, but in my little man’s head, he won but apparently they decided not to award him winning place!


He runs a bit like Woody from Toy Story, and his skinny legs seem unable to bear his weight by the end of the course, and on one race he did fall just before the line, so he decided to commando roll to the end.

SportsDay-275 SportsDay-276

It worked.


With the continued good weather, we had our first bbq and camping trip of the year – to our back garden. Well, the boys did really, as I don’t eat the meat and nor did I camp as I thought us girls would stick together indoors. Of course, the pitter patter of tiny feet some time during the night was to be expected, when Felix had had enough of the outdoor living.


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