2013 Week 44

I am still really behind with my diary, and I am concerned that I will be writing about halloween when everyone is thinking about Christmas, so I had better get a move on!

We stayed in Scotland for a week in total and so the start of week 44 saw us happily being tourists! We explored the city, visited the zoo and ate lovely food spending some quality time together.


AlWilHalloween was interesting. The kids were disappointed not to be at home for the trick or treating, so we went to the pound shop, bought some costumes and then proceeded to terrorise the city. (these are iphone photos and I left the red eyes in for spooky effect!)HalloweenEdinburgh9

When we returned home, we had the lovely surprise of a visit by Uncle Marcin, en route to Hawaii! The kids enjoyed the brief reunion, but perhaps Marcin had the most fun of all.

MarcinI tried out some outside flash photography at a skate park, but the kids were more interested in the half pipe. The only time I got them and Paul all together, my flash batteries expired. DOH. Oh well, good practice. I keep some of the photos of the kids upset as it keeps it oh so  real (lol).



SkatePark WillowSwing Swings

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