2013 Week 45

Back to school and clubs and general busyness and so my camera had a rest. However, as Willow turned 16 months a few days ago I had to chart her progress. This is pretty hard to do nowadays as she is constantly on the go. I have to put her down and run back to my camera and snap away until she reaches me, with the board strategically placed.


Or distract her, somehow. The board itself did it this time!


And no wonder WIllow is adventurous and an explorer – this is her play time with daddy!WillowIMG_9885-EditIMG_9885-EditIMG_9887-EditIMG_9889-Edit

Meanwhile Alexei and his friend Finley decided to write a short story.
Translation “Once upon a time there was two dragons they had lots of fun but one day they were sad but in the afternoon they were happy the strangest thing.”

[Insert your own punctuation!]


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