2013 Week 46

This week I escaped up to London for the day to look around the Ideal Home Exhibition. I didn’t realise that it would be mainly christmas exhibits, but it was fun to look around nonetheless, and gave me a few ideas for my forthcoming birthday (note the handbag big enough for a camera?)! And Christmas of course!




And then, for me and my family, disaster struck. I found my beloved pussy cat Charlie ‘asleep’ on the mat under the verandah, as usual, but this time I could see he would never wake up. Even the day before he was up and about chasing mice, playing with the kids and so, I assume, like his brother before him last year, a heart attack or stroke got him. I like to think that anyway and am relieved that it must have been quick and peaceful. In fact, he looked so serene lying there that after many many last cuddles, I made him a bed in a box and kept him in the verandah for a couple of days just to make sure he wouldn’t wake up (????) and to give myself time to adjust to this loss. We then buried him next to his brother Tom and near their friend Max the lurcher.


Goodbye beloved Charlie, Rest In Peace and have fun up there in Pussycat heaven with Tom.
PS if you have not already done so, you should read “Heaven” by Nicholas Allen, which is a super book that helps prepare children (and themselves) for pet death.CharlieRIP CharlieKids

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