2014 Week 9 Day 3

2014 Week 9 Day 3 – Today I got Felix to pose for a storyboard photo. About 5 months after he turned 4 but I figured better late than never! I now need to get Alexei to do one too.

2014week8-2287-Edit-Edit-EditAnd in a rare moment of sibling affection, I got to see a nice kiss….

2014week8-2300-Edit-Edit-Edit….before normality retuned with a bit of hair pulling….

2014week8-2308-Edit-Edit…and shouting….

2014week8-2310-Edit-Edit 2014week8-2295-Edit-Edit 2014week8-2294-Edit-Editbut finally she blows a kiss

WillowKiss2014week8-2294-Edit-Editand then goes to stand in a favoured position where she can look out of the door.


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