2014 Week 15 Day 5

2014 Week 15 Day 5 – It was really hot today and so we felt for the runners in The London Marathon 2014, particularly my sister Camilla who ran it in a wedding dress!! She didn’t break the London Marathon record for the fastest run while dressed as a bride, but she did raise loads of money for the Jubilee Sailing Trust, a charity which offers sailing experiences to people with disabilities. Well done Camilla. Although I wanted to watch it on the telly, the kids were going a bit stir crazy, and so we left for Basildon Park, a beautiful Georgian mansion surrounded by parkland. Basildon ParkApril-120 Basildon ParkApril-122 Basildon ParkApril-234 Basildon ParkApril-230 Basildon ParkApril-233 Basildon ParkApril-260-Edit-Edit Basildon ParkApril-249-Edit-Edit-Edit Basildon ParkApril-258-Edit-Edit-Edit Basildon ParkApril-250-Edit-Edit-Edit Basildon ParkApril-129 As we left for The Park, I was alerted to the fact that Camilla had been  interviewed on the BBC, so, in homage to her task at this time, the boys decided to compete in running races themselves.Basildon ParkApril-193 Basildon ParkApril-198 And then a bit of rolling, Basildon ParkApril-69 flower sniffing, Basildon ParkApril-80-Edit-Edit-Edit ambling, Basildon ParkApril-74-Edit-Edit and generally just being cool, Basildon ParkApril-51-Edit-Edit before finally, we all decided we were very tired and needed to go home and rest!Basildon ParkApril-219-Edit-Edit-Edit

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