2014 Week 20 Day 2

2014 Week 20 Day 2 – The trouble with having young kids is that I cannot go out when I like to take photos…. as we drive around going to various clubs and activities, I take mental notes of places I would like to return to and capture a landscape. When I do get the time, invariably the vista has changed; the fields turning green from glorious yellow  (rapeseed fields) or morphing into stinging nettles from where once stood vibrant bluebells!! And so today, I had planned to take a wide angle view of the valley, after a bootcamp session, but my eldest boy was off school really sick (so rare for him) and I had negotiated with my hubby that he would mind him whilst I nipped off to run and jump around for my lesson. I had already thought that my landscape in mind was already past its best, with no more eye blinding triangles of yellow fields drawing the eye, and so I was content to go straight home. Well straight in a’ just take this turn here and get a quick shot of a lone tree in the distance’ sort of way 😉 2014week20-78

2 thoughts on “2014 Week 20 Day 2

  1. It’s wonderful! And I know how you feel about not being able to go shooting whenever I want to. And I only have two kids and not four 😉

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