2014 Week 20 Day 5

2014 Week 20 Day 5 – The excitement of Alexei having his first wobbly tooth was almost too much for him to cope with today! 2014week20-32-Edit 2014week20-29-Edit Though others were more calm about the situation.2014week20-14-EditAs Barnaby was still under the weather this morning, we had a nice time in the garden playing. 2014week20-13-Edit 2014week20-17-Edit 2014week20-25-Edit

4 thoughts on “2014 Week 20 Day 5

  1. Love the one of Willow and the hat. Well done for getting a pic when it was still wobbly – I got one of Dx and his wobbly tooth and 30 mins later it had fallen out! The moment can go by so quickly

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