2014 Week 26 Day 3

2014 Week 26 Day 3 – Didcot Power Station refers to a combined coal and oil power plant (Didcot A Power Station) and a natural-gas power plant (Didcot B Power Station) that supplied the National Grid. They are situated immediately adjoining one another in the civil parish of Sutton Courtenay, next to the town of Didcot in Oxfordshire (formerly in Berkshire), in the UK. The combined power stations feature a chimney which is one of the taller structures in the UK, and six hyperbolic cooling towers, which can be seen from much of the surrounding landscape. DidcotTowers   RWE NPower have confirmed that three of the southern cooling towers of Didcot A Power Station will be demolished in the morning of 27 July. It will be a significant change to the local landscape. I feel slightly sad about this, as I have grown so accustomed to this ‘blot’ on the landscape and feel slightly nostalgic about it! It features in many of my landscape photos.  I hope I am up early enough to see the demolition itself, but fear that I will miss it as it is scheduled for between 3 and 5am and is expected to take less than a minute.

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