2014 Week 26 Day 7

2014 Week 26 Day 7 – I have got horribly behind again, two weeks, as Willow turned two, which took a lot of time and attention, plus I have been taking pictures at the pre school which again has taken up most of my time away from my kids. So, I will do my usual manic catching up when I can as I have been taking pictures every day still, sometimes with my camera phone. This is the day that Willow partook in her own sports day with other children that spend some time with child minders, as she does. I couldn’t resist popping along and taking a few pics, but as you can imagine with a group of 1, 2 and 3 year olds, it was a  bit chaotic and random. She did enjoy it and concentrated very hard on the egg and spoon race. July2014-42

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