2014 Week 41 Day 1

2014 Week 41 Day 1 – Today Felix turned 5. My little boy is a big boy. He was a bit disappointed that he had to go to school today, as he wanted his party NOW, but felt slightly happier when I gave him lots of lollies to give out to his class mates. It was like Christmas morning in this house – they were all up before 6am. I resisted and stayed in bed until 7 o’clock and then we let him open some presents. I love his face as he opened his gifts. Here is a snapshot of his day, from baby to toddler to a big boy!

FelixCollageHe loves power rangers Felix5thBday-22-Editand was delighted with his new toy that his Godmother gave him (so did his big brothers).Felix5thBday-53-EditWillow was less impressed

The ubiquitous caterpillar cake.


And though it was Felix’s special day, I couldn’t resist getting Alexei who was so sweet and helpful today, even though Felix didn’t let him play with all his new toys!Felix5thBday-39-Edit

nor Willow!
And, of course, the birthday boy himself.Felix5thBday-8-Edit

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