2014 Week 43 Day 6

2014 Week 43 Day 6 – Today Barnaby had the opportunity to play in goal for a match played at Swindon academy. He was really nervous about going there as he didn’t know anybody, but soon settled in and seemed to really enjoy himself. He made some great saves and let a few in, all the while with a big smile on his face.2014week43Halloween-50-Edit I also have high hopes for Willow with football – perhaps she too would like to be in goal?2014week43Halloween-52-Edit 2014week43Halloween-53-Edit but first she has to get away from Felix.2014week43Halloween-61-Edit Alexei decided to wear his football strip too and practised his goalkeeping (and posing) skills whilst the match was going on2014week43Halloween-54-Edit 2014week43Halloween-55-Edit but then of course, couldn’t resist playing the fool too and showing his gappy toothed smile.2014week43Halloween-66-Edit

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