2014 Week 44 Day 4

2014 Week 44 Day 4 – After the late night, we had a relaxed morning and enjoyed the amazing Autumn weather. Whilst I sat outside drinking coffee, the kids sat on the step and amused themselves, so I took advantage of the great light. Here Barnaby thought he was teasing me by making silly faces. He does’t know about burst mode and the ability to capture those natural in-between moments. 2014week44-134-EditBW4*6 2014week44-142-EditBW2014week44-109-EditBW

FELIXAs the weather was so fantastic, I encouraged us to get out for a walk in a beautiful location that I had recently discovered. We found a group of glider enthusiasts and Alexei made a new friend!
Wittenham-1 But then we got on to the serious business of running around, Wittenham-2 making camps, Wittenham-3 and balancing acts Wittenham-4 Wittenham-5

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