2014 Week 46 Day 4 and 5

2014 Week 46 Day 4 and 5 – Yesterday I dropped my phone down the toilet. Oops. Today I was really busy watching football in the morning, then straight off shopping with a friend, cooking and sorting out children when I got back and then going out for supper myself with friends. So no chance to take a picture and no real desire to do so, for once!

So, on Sunday, I was thankful that I got lots of pictures, when Paul’s Aunt Elizabeth came over for a visit.

2014week45,46-268-Edit Streatley-1Streatley-2Streatley-3Streatley-4Streatley-52014week45,46-311-Edit


2014week45,46-345-Edit-Edit copy22014week45,46-331-Edit-Edit copy22014week45,46-332-Edit-Edit copy22014week45,46-333-Edit-Edit copy 22014week45,46-334-Edit-Edit copy22014week45,46-337-Edit-Edit copy22014week45,46-320-Edit-Edit copy22014week45,46-227-Edit


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