2014 Week 47 Day 4

2014 Week 47 Day 4 – Granny came today, essentially to babysit for us as I was unusually struggling to get a babysitter, but also because the kids were really excited to have her visit.

I was determined to get some photos of her with the kids and so Willow went first

2014Weeks47_48-49-Edit6*4 copy 2014Weeks47_48-40-Edit6*4 copy 2014Weeks47_48-39-Edit6*4 copy 2014Weeks47_48-41-Edit6*4 copy 2014Weeks47_48-50-Edit6*4 copy and then I got in on the action – 3 generations of girls –2014Weeks47_48-44-Edit6*4 copy 2014Weeks47_48-45-Edit6*4 copy then Felix hopped in 2014Weeks47_48-51-Edit6*4 copy 2014Weeks47_48-52-Edit6*4 copythen was joined by Alexei. 2014Weeks47_48-53-Edit6*4 copy 2014Weeks47_48-54-Edit6*4 copy 2014Weeks47_48-56-Edit6*4 copyHmm, no Barnaby. There’s always tomorrow.


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