2014 Week 51 Day 6

2014 Week 51 Day 6 – Twinkle and one of her snowman chums found the newly hung mistletoe and climbed back up to the trapeze to sneak a kiss. It must be the world’s longest kiss!! Shame she has to move again tonight. I can’t believe there are only two more nights to go! I don’t seem to have had a chance to do half the ideas I have had or seen. Partly because they are a bit risqué for my kids I think at this tender age. The grated snowman idea would surely leave them sobbing so I will save that for another year!2014week51day6-17 We went off to a joint family carol event this afternoon. 11 adults and 19 children and our children performed a play they wrote, we all sung carols and generally had a fantastic time. Here are two of the children preparing some festive biscuits to share. 2014week51day6-6 2014week51day6-7

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