2015 New Year’s Day

2015 New Year’s Day  – Happy New Year!! I hope you all had a lovely start to the new year. I do have a few resolutions though I have not got around to writing them down, but I do remember being more organised was one of them. Doh!

Anyway, as it tradition for my family, we participated in  new Year’s Pooh stick race. Down to Beverly Brook and throwing in our ducks and bottles from one bridge,  to see whose would cross the line first at the next bridge.


You are only allowed to move your duck or bottle when it gets stuck, if you are the last one in the race, but no one dared to tell Willow not to throw the big stick in the river!Pooh Stick-2NewYearsDay-1NewYearsDay-2NewYearsDay-3

Pooh Stick-1After a tense race, it was a close finish and I was amazed  to find that, after no interest in my bottle at all, as I was too busy taking pictures, I had in fact come 3rd! My brother-in-law James won, and little Barnaby was second. This made his day and he decided pooh stick racing was great fun. Alexei enjoyed it less. He was coming second at one point but got stuck and no one helped him for ages. He was robbed! 

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